Helpdesk on Cloud

iServicehub is an integrated service desk application that enterprise users can access via the internet to track and manage incidents, change requests, service requests and CMDB.

iServicehub is implemented, managed, upgraded quickly & seamlessly for the enterprise users.

ITIL best practices are built into the application.

WolkenSoftware: Eyecube Solutions LLC has partnered with Wolken Software to offer Cloud based Helpdesk product. Wolken software delivers value to clients by keen cloud offerings on a SaaS (software as a Service) model:

  • Lower cost
  • Higher ROI
  • No Capex (Hardware, License, Implementation cost)
  • Very fast implementation

BI on Tap

  • Robust Designs’ CUBOT, is a high-efficiency, single code set BI platform that comprises of developer, administrator, and business user tools.
  • The BI marketplace is dominated by a small set of large players offering expensive tools, and large systems integrators whose interests lie in building large, complex, expensive solutions. Robust Designs are working doggedly to break this status quo, with the philosophy to deliver best-in-class BI solutions, that is faster to implement, simpler to use, and extremely cost-efficient.
  • Eyecube Solutions LLC is a Systems Integrator for Robust Designs’ CUBOT range of BI products.

Project Collaboration

Eyecube Solutions’ In-house tool - Easily share files, documents, images, and designs with your client or team. Lightweight tool with fit for purpose features built in. An effective in-house built tool that addresses some of the common challenges of every project team. The tool is very user friendly and has the following features:

  • Project Management
  • Resource Management
  • Task Management
  • Document Management
  • Time & Expense Reporting
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Contract Management
  • Client Service & Support

Every PM in Eyecube Solutions makes extensive use of the tool to manage his project efficiently. We are carrying out further R&D into the requirements of various other stakeholders in the organisation and will initiate these features in the products future releases.

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