Content & Collaboration Services

We have experienced technical teams with competence in world leading content and collaboration tools such as Alfresco, SDL Tridion, Microsoft SharePoint etc. We have handled some very challenging and creative assignments to create, optimize, integrate and migrate solutions in these technologies and have earned credible references from our clients.

Application Development & Maintenance

We have built niche skills in Portal Development, Web Development, Content Management Systems using Microsoft and Open source Technologies. We keep abreast with the emerging technologies in the market and constantly equip our team with skills around these technologies.

  • Delivery Methodology

    We have experience in "follow the sun" global delivery model. Embracing predictive and adaptive methods, our delivery team is well versed in the traditional methodology as well as agile. We are soon adopting the use of DevOps, a cloud-based platform tools and patterns that can be utilized at the development stage of software to oversee the target environment from IT operations perspective.

  • Delivery Standard

    We follow ISO 9001 – 2008, ISO 27001 and CMMi L3 standards along with our JV partner in all our software delivery engagements. Continuous benchmarking is carried out with industry standards and necessary corrections are carried out to our processes, estimation techniques, delivery standards, project management processes etc. This ensures highest level of satisfaction standards in all engagements with our clients.

Application Integration Services

We have successfully carried out integration of SharePoint instances with 3rd party tools. To address similar integration requirements, we have developed an integration framework that sets standards for ease of operations, calls to protocols, integration testing etc. This framework has been successfully implemented in a few of our integration assignments.

Integration (Shop Floor to Top Floor)

SCADA, OSI-PI, SmartGrid integration with IT systems With experience in having worked across all layers in Industrial Automation, we provide the right solutions to your business. We have partnered with the top notch professional vendors and suppliers to serve you in this arena of shop floor to top floor integration embarking SCADA, OSI-PI, ERP’s and BI systems.

Mobility Solutions

With the emerging technologies and devices, mobility solutions is the need of the day. Our joint venture partners have built solutions for several high end client on various platforms including Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Blackberry. We also build websites that are mobile compatible, using HTML5 and latest technologies.

Business Analytics & Big Data

Integrating advanced analytics for big data with BI systems is an important step toward gaining full return on investment. Advanced analytics and BI can be highly complementary; advanced analytics can provide the deeper, exploratory perspective on the data, while BI systems provide a more structured user experience. BI systems’ richness in dashboard visualization, reporting, performance management metrics, and more can be vital to making advanced analytics actionable. We have the necessary experience in Business Analytics and are now focused on using these skills on Big Data.

Program Management Services

We have several years of collective experience in managing portfolios of programs and projects that has generated revenues in excess of USD4 Billion.

We have adopted the best of breed methodologies and standards in building our own Operations Manual that defines the various processes, frameworks, templates and methodologies that we will meticulously deploy and follow in every client engagement.


The Consulting services group serves our customers by providing Domain & Technology Consulting services which include process design, process re-engineering, process transformation, process harmonization, process analytics and benchmarking with respect to defined standards such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), etc. Process designing refers to clearly defining and building a process. Re-engineering involves reconstruction of a business process to gain efficiency. Process transformation involves drastic changes made to business processes to comply with business drivers. Our consulting can help you optimize and standardize your business processes thereby eliminating redundancies and improve efficiency of operations to help you grow your bottom line. We have a team of competent and experienced Domain & Technology Consultants who will help transform your business and technology roadmap to meet your goals and objectives. We are currently doing a DBA consulting assignment with an Energy Major.

Business Process Outsourcing

We have entered into a strategic joint venture partnership with Infognana, who have been serving several overseas client in the BPO segment since a decade. The JV has an employee base of over 400 resources with specialist skills in Data Conversion, E-Publishing, etc. The JV partnership also has expertise in the bespoke development space in the areas of Web, Portal, Mobile Apps development and support using Microsoft and Open source technologies.

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