Completely aligned to clients’ business needs by providing reliable and cost-effective, outcome based services that reduce total cost of ownership by delivering the right blend of:

LEAN offerings in Support and Development

Eyecube Solutions LLC is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Wolken Software’s Cloud-based Helpdesk product iServiceHub - Service Desk on the Cloud . Wolken software delivers value to client via lean cloud offerings on a SaaS (software as a Service) model. The benefits of this model:

  • Lower cost
  • Higher ROI
  • No Capex (Hardware, License, Implementation cost)
  • Faster implementation

Right Shore Delivery Model – Location agnostic

Guided by the objective of providing the most appropriate delivery arrangement for our valued client, we have created multiple options of choosing delivery locations.

  • Onsite delivery capability at Houston, Texas.
  • To provide our client cost advantage, we have created high end delivery centres at India’s premier software city Pune and the emerging IT city Coimbatore.

We are flexible to operate out of any of these locations or a hybrid model of Onsite and Offshore that will meet client requirements and priorities.

Business Savvy Domain Consultants

We at eyecube solutions are proud of possessing some of the best talents in the Upstream O&G industry. Our consultants are very passionate about driving excellence in their field of expertise. They are well experienced in planning, developing and implementing strategies that deliver consulting advice and fostering external business relationships. Our Domain Consultants have extensive knowledge of Oil & Gas Upstream Industry, including the ability to articulate challenges and solutions across the hydrocarbon value chain. They also have proven business track record of working with client to identify and develop new opportunities and have the ability to understand, interpret and respond to complex business challenges.

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